• מסרק כפפה B189D
  • מסרק כפפה B189D

  • This special glove will allow you to remove your pet’s loose hair with massaging touch of your hand. The 5-finger shape perfectly reproduces the touch of your hand: this will make deshedding more enjoyable for your pet! Smooth TPR tips capture loose hair deeply, while making the glove easy to clean. No more hair all over your house: this glove makes your animal clean and calm! Perfect for shorthaired dogs and cats. This glove reproduces the touch of your hand: great comfort for your pet! • Reduces hair dispersal: for a cleaner and healthier house • Breathable: for a more comfortable use
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  • סה"כ45.00 ₪
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  • יצרןCAMON
  • מק"ט8019808186566

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